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A Virtual Think Tank for Law Firm Leadership
Save the Date for January 2023

Join Us for Law Firm Compensation Strategy: A Virtual Think Tank for Law Firm Leadership

Aligning Compensation with Strategic Priorities and Financial Goals


ARK Group’s Law Firm Compensation Strategy is a virtual think tank for law firm leadership, compensation committees, and human resources professionals to come together and discuss how compensation can be leveraged as a forcing function to drive positive change and adaptations in partner behavior, aligning incentives with strategic priorities, client needs, and financial goals. Expect to hear key themes including: adapting strategies to meet the evolving landscape, rethinking compensation as a driver of change, and rewarding performance and profitability.

We heard your feedback! At the 2022 think tank, we condensed the think tank down to one day including a morning of thought-provoking content, followed by the afternoon workshop led by think tank facilitator Timothy Corcoran. Attendees collectively worked through case studies and exercises to identify gaps between current anonymous compensation plans and modern practices, garnering new ideas and perspectives to implement back at their respective firms. This is an ideal opportunity for candid discussion among your peers in an open mic format that encourages interaction, collaboration, and constructive debate. 

Stay tuned for updates on our 2023 event!

Who Should Attend

This think tank is curated for law firm leadership, compensation committees, and human resources professionals.

Did You Know? 75% of attendees of our inaugural event were Partners & C-suite professionals.

Expect to network with the following:

  • C-Suite

  • Partners & Members

  • Human Resources, Compensation, & Talent Professionals

  • Compensation Committee Members

  • Finance Professionals

  • Operations

Top Reasons to Attend

Attendees of the 2022 think tank were able to:

  • Leverage Compensation to Drive Change: Learn how to leverage compensation as a forcing function to drive positive change and adaptations in partner behavior 
  • Create Synergy Between Partner & Firm Goals: Leave equipped to create synergy between what’s good for the partner and what’s good for the firm 
  • Gain Takeaways on Real Life Compensation Plans: Expect to gain lessons learned on how compensation plans fail to reward profitability and client satisfaction
  • Align Culture to Bottom Line: Understand the importance of aligning organizational culture to bottom-line business success 
  • Explore How COVID-19 Has Shifted What Matters: Hear how COVID-19 shifted what matters most to clients and explore these implications as it relates to matter management and firm profitability
  • Discuss Staffing & Resource Allocation: Discuss staffing and resource allocation as revenue pressures demand that firms reevaluate spending 
  • Address the Internal Struggle of Culture & Data: Explore how to address the internal struggle between long-standing cultural norms and an evolving data-focused business environment 
  • Take Away Ideas to Implement Immediately: Take away compensation plan ideas that focus on growing the firm while driving and rewarding the behaviors that get you there 
  • Benchmark with Peers: Benchmark with like-minded peers during the interactive afternoon workshop where all attendees are encouraged to turn on their video and participate
  • Bring Your Compensation Committee: Bring your whole compensation committee and leave equipped to implement a compensation plan that aligns strategic priorities, client needs, and financial goals